Friday, January 6, 2012

Something Old

I usually don't get sentimental about the passing of a year...but 2011 was such a sweet year for me.... I hope in ten or twenty years from now I can look back and recall some of the special moments that happened over the course of the year, revisiting them- enjoying them- loving them- as much as I did while they were actually occurring. (In case, however I need a little memory revival- visual aid from some of my favorite flowers of the year couldn't hurt...right?)

January let me in (and you as well) to a New Year and a little secret, that I was pregnant with a baby girl.

February was all about SNOW! (Remember? And this winter so far? NOTHING.)

March was all lamb and no lion. I took a risk and did plantings for customers really early. (Risk paid off this time...they all survived & thrived.) As if the promise of spring wasn't enough, the boys and I went to one of our favorite places where it is always spring.

April began my visual journal of the final weeks of being pregnant. It also was the introduction to the destruction of our bedroom. (Which is still an ongoing- well I would say chapter, but it is more like a saga. WHAT WERE WE THINKING? Ah, me. You will be some of the first to witness its completion, whenever it gets well, completed.)

May was garden filled- early bursts and blooms of all of my favorite-est spring time flowers.

Of course June could only be about one flower. She arrived on the first of June. The day I went into labor, one single solitary Iris bloomed in our garden, we took it to be a sign.

July went by in a blink of an eye.

August was filled with flowers and flower talk for weddings. It was a month of firsts for Ezra. (And seconds for Picked.)

September was dreamy weddings, new friends and the loss of an old friend.

October was of course about my pumpkin addiction, but also about ending a chapter and starting a new one. Jamie and I celebrated another year of being Blue together, and I learned how to meet some one I admired Gracefully. (Ha. Right.)

So thankful for November. (And Legos. No, wait...that's Ezra.)

And December. December that was just here with all of its magic and wonder has once again magically disappeared; taking all of 2011 with it. Abracadabra.
All of those days that seem so disjointed, so regular, so amazing, so exciting, so boring, so painful, so hopeful, so long- have been tidily bound together into 12 pages of calender marked past. I dreamt so many dreams in 2011...look at all of the ones that came true. (And the ones that didn't, well- just fuel for this year.) Thank you for being here with me. To share with me. To dream with me, to laugh with me- to roll your eyes or cry with me. This past year was such a, onward boldly...I can't wait to see what happens in the future- and I wouldn't want to do it without you.

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