Monday, September 26, 2011

You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello! (Hello, Hello...)

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I have missed you all! It has been a crazy month (that I can't believe is on the verge of being over) filled with kids, kindergarten, craziness- and flowers! (Flowers, flowers, flowers!) The reason I have been absent for so terribly long though- (not at all my laziness!) goes something like this...I was working on a wedding Labor Day weekend, and around midnight there was this BOOM and my house started shaking. The power flickered on and off and on and I heard things thud thud thud as they randomly fell from shelving around various rooms. The noise was so loud it woke up Jamie. (And let me tell you, the man sleeps like the dead. Believe me, it was loud...or perhaps while snoozing on the sofa, he felt the disruption in his television broadcast...I haven't asked.) At any rate, that is when neighbors from all over our street started gravitating to our house, asking if we were okay...and if our tree that fell hit the house! (Our tree fell?!) Luckily, it was just one branch. Our beautiful oak tree in the backyard had let go of just one eighty foot long branch.

The branch came down and took all of our, (and our neighbor's) power lines with it. (And part of the fence, another tree and a couple of hydrangea bushes....)

I am so grateful that it happened when it did- in the middle of the night- when there was nobody out in either of the backyards. All of the electric work finally got sorted out and repaired and replaced this weekend. (What a pain! I think I need to update my technology and maybe get an ipad, or something more mobile than just my desktop....)

Yes, yes- this would be the branch that held our tire swing. (Again, grateful about when the branch fell.)

I remember the day Jay and I first looked at our house, remarking how much work the gardens needed- but that the yard had this amazing, huge tree anchoring it all...and that it had a tire swing hanging from it- just waiting for us to come home and play. Jamie didn't carry me over the threshold the day we moved in to our new house, he gave me a "welcome home Mrs. Blue" ride on our tire swing. Our families painted our house, and pushed each other on the swing. We found out my dad still gives amazing under-dogs. Parties for adults never failed to eventually migrate outside to take few high-flying turns on the swing. (Day or night flights!) Breaks from yard work equaled a glass of lemonade, and a quick swing. Ezra made up the ridiculous song, "Shake Your Booty Come Out and Play" while whizzing back and forth, higher with each push on the swing. Avery got a few tries in this summer, all on his own like the big boy he keeps telling me he is- and some with his big brother- giggling crazily while going "super higher" on the swing.

Its funny, you don't realize how incredibly large something is until you can touch a part of it. See it at eye-level. My big beautiful oak. Missing an arm...a limb. It is now my beautiful amputee. We feel guilty cutting it up, like saying goodbye to an old friend. Ezra has already been eying a branch a good 60+ feet up, thinking it might make for a new and improved branch for a swing. We'll see.

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