Friday, January 14, 2011


I guess I can finally tell you why I have been a mildly absent blogging friend ...we are having another little Blue bundle over here! Except this Blue bundle will actually be, pink. We are expecting a little girl to come over and stay sometime around the end of May. Now aside from that whole bloated, absent-minded, clumsy thing- I feel great- and I am one of the few people that I know that really enjoys being pregnant. The one side-effect I do get in spades (no not over-indulging in Ben & Jerry's- although now I'm starting to think I should have bought stock in their company...I'm such a cliche'!) is that I am ridiculously tired. Crazy tired. I could sleep all day, just about everyday tired...and think I actually have on a few occasions- which is why I have been absent more than my fair share in the last few months. (Well, if you haven't noticed, I sure have!) For that I apologize- I hope you won't mind as much now that you know there is a real reason, not just my being lazy. (My laziness may account for just a small touch, here and there and here....)

I think I can safely say this will be our last baby - we have a relatively smallish house (2 bedrooms) and unless we win the lottery, (which I never play) or I dig up an old chest filled with pirates treasure (they were known to sail the Great Lakes, right?) in the garden, a comfy/close fit here we will be. And three seems to be a nice round number, although Jamie is a little worried that now we will be outnumbered by our children.
I have vowed to myself to take many many pictures of my ever-expanding belly, as I didn't with the boys. To relish every little flutter, every kick, every slight movement this little girl gives me from within and never take a single one for granted. To tell her everyday before, and after she arrives how very much she was wanted, and is loved.
I promise you, I won't go all gooey baby on you, after all- you are my refuge from the everyday... and my reminder of how wonderful the everyday can be.
My house of Blue, filled up with boys, is about to get a major shot of pink...and we couldn't be more tickled.


  1. You are beautiful! I am all misty. Love Lala

  2. Becca, I am thrilled by your news!!! Boys are wonderful, but adding a baby girl to the mix is perfect!!
    Love to all of you, and Lala,

  3. AHH! LOVE THIS POST!! So excited for you, Becca- congratulations!

  4. Congratulations Becca, to you, Jamie and the boys!!!

  5. A GIRL!!!!Let the LusciousGracious Knit-a-Thon commence:)




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