Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teletummy Tuesdays

I have only 8 weeks left until she arrives. Eight weeks! Where did the other 31 weeks go? I thought I would share- keeping a visual diary for me and she as well as for you of the final growth here in the home, well...stretch.

We have 3 fairly major projects we are trying (ha ha) to start-continue-finish before I'm due (the new Blue debut?) I will literally keep you posted on how they all turn out. As my stomach continues to grow out....

I am still hanging on to my regular jeans. (So sad.) I unbutton them when I eat or lie down. (So, so sad....) I just can't bring myself to buy another pair of pregger jeans that probably won't work out- just their way down. Eight weeks and counting....
Shirt from Anthropologie (of course!)


  1. Valerie was just telling me that they should make pregnancy pants with stylish suspenders, because they all seem to stretch out and work their way down.

  2. Ha! That is all they do-work their way down...and let you breath comfortably...sigh.



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