Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Over this crazy busy weekend, a small milestone was met. Picked turned 2.

Two years have gone by since I started typing to you all. Telling you all. Sharing, laughing, crying, delighting in the biggest, and the smallest events of my life.

Do any of you blog? Its the most amazing thing. I had no idea when I started, how much I would love it. How much it would mean to me. How I would come to depend on it...on you.

So wherever you are in the world- here in Chicago or Florida- California- Canada- England- Ireland- Australia- India...wherever you have come from, thank you for stopping here and making my small world feel ever so much bigger.

I am so grateful for all of you- whether you check in daily or this is your first visit. Thank you. You help make this little flower fairy fly. You have been with me through some pretty amazing events- just think, a year ago today I didn't even dare to dream of having another baby, yet here she is- and you were right here, sharing it with me. You have been with me to other couples weddings, sat at my Thanksgiving table, opened Christmas presents, helped carve pumpkins... not to mention shared in my everyday ho-hums- making them so, so much more fun. Little did you know, how much you have been here with me. For me.

As my children grow, as my little business grows, and as I grow- I hope you stick around and share it all with me this next year...I wouldn't want it any other way.
So...happy birthday little blog of mine...happy birthday to you. I hope you are around for so many more years.

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