Tuesday, November 15, 2011

C'mon...Lego to a Party!

Ezra's 6th birthday party...all things lego. I seriously think that when I went to bed that night after the party, I dreamed that a Lego man & I went out for dancing and some cocktails. Really. (I have about a million jokes I could follow that up with, like he pulled out his plastic to pay for everything, or his movements on the dance floor weren't too hot, except for when he did the robot...but I won't....) At any rate, the Lego head was a big part of the day. Here he is is to greet everyone at the door.

This is the first year Ezra didn't want me to make him party hats...(our little boy is growing up...) so instead, I had a friend who does silk-screening make up little Lego dude t-shirts.

Ezra & his friend Sam- Ezra's shirt is the reverse of everyone else. (Birthday boy thing, you know....)

Can you say sugar? Oh yes, I am not above cracking your children out on sugar...and then giving them back to you....

Lego head pops. I attempted to make cake pops. It was a poor, sad attempt. I had a breakdown around 1 am. Jamie has been eating the ugly, lumpy, misshaped, refused-to-stay-on-the-stick castoff pops. He says they taste really good. Too bad they looked like...well...they looked bad. During my fit, he just shakes his head at me. In my misery (of being defeated) and rage (of being defeated) I turned instead to marshmallows. Right shape, not lumpy, stays on stick, children inhaled them, and I'm quite certain could have cared less what they looked like as they shoved them in their mouths. Lessons learned. 1) Don't attempt recipes that look and sound deceivingly easy in the wee hours of the morning the day of the party. 2) Children don't care what it looks like, as long as it tastes good. 3) Husband really doesn't care how things look...as long as it tastes good and he doesn't have to share it with anyone else.

We had a table set out for all the kids to play Legos after they started arriving. (Note: large bin on floor is filled with Legos that were Jamie's when he was small...they never do grow up, do they?)

Games were played. (The correct answer is 59. There are 59 Lego men crammed into this jar.)

Attach the Lego head to the Lego man. It was a tie. Lesson learned: anticipate the chance of a tie.

There is always one kid who gets so dizzy that he doesn't make it to the same wall as the target.

It was a good day. A fun party. And yes, I did send all of those children back to their parents on complete and total sugar highs. (No angry phone calls about horrible crashes, so it couldn't have been that bad...muh ha ha ha ha....)
Now I can "Lego" of this one and think about Avery's birthday which is now in five weeks. I wonder if the yellow headed man will appear in my dreams again, now that I'm going to start cheating on him with Thomas? (Yes, the train....)

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