Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cut it Out

We brought out the "Christmas boxes" Monday night. Ezra has been patiently waiting (begging)...more or less. As he lifted out different Christmastime odds and ends, touching each one carefully, with a strange mix of emotion that was something akin to a sombre delight he asked where all of the snowflakes were. "We really need to put up our snowflakes mama...I'm ready for it to snow."

I had put our "magic" snowflakes in a different box than all of the other nick-knacks so that they wouldn't get mangled. If you are new to reading here, let me explain- Ezra (and sometimes I ) believe that our paper snowflakes are magic, and that it only snows when they are hanging in our windows.

Every year I save some of the ones that haven't been maimed by the opening and closing of the curtains by the kids, or the everyday ritual of greet (terrorize) the mailman by Leo. I have a strange relationship with inanimate objects. I am certain that the ones who make it through a season unscathed would be devastated if I nonchalantly tossed them away. So I hold on to them. I greet them like old friends each year, and know- deep inside- that they are happy to crate magic for us for another year.

I have been cutting more out today- preparing to put them on the windows. And I joke you we left to take Ezra to school, down danced a few precious flakes of snow. "What is going to happen when we actually put them ALLLLL on the windows? How much snow will we get then Mama?" What can I say?

I don't know honey....its magic.
(If you would like to make snowflakes, to see if the magic holds true for you too, I have a tutorial of how I have made them for the past 30 something years here. Don't be surprised. I cannot be held accountable.)

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