Monday, May 9, 2011

Tiptoe With Me...

Tulip time! Here is what's showing off in the garden right now. My purple and green garden gets a little infusion of white and orange just for the spring. Hello color! How we have missed you! These below are a peony tulip variety of Princess Irene- they have lovely green and purple striping on the outside- but are still an amazing bolt of color.

These are Princess Irene-

These are Purple Prince that will open soon.

Another peony tulip variety- just big and fluffy and all together yummy.

Now apparently, my tulips have been indulging in some- well, shall we say extramarital affairs? They seemed to have cross bred (or bed as the case may be) into some new and pretty fun designs. These are, or were, rather Negrita and Blue Seneca and possibly Tacoma- and now? Mine? Hmmm.

I can't even believe sometimes how perfect flowers are.

Another purple headed stepchild....

I'm like the garden pimp.

And, some others that are here for an all to brief showing. Mmmm, muscari.

These are Winston Churchill daffodils- they come up a little later than everybody else and I just could take a bite right off of them.


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