Monday, March 26, 2012

Flowers in the (Slighly Messy) Blue House

It is the last Monday in March. Here are a few little snippets of what is hanging out in my house. (And I'm on time...not like last time....) Thistles below.

A few hyacinth which smell d-r-e-a-m-y.

A ton of sword fern I have left over from an event this weekend.

White "Majolica" spray roses. (Also left-overs, but don't tell them that.)

A green ranunculus. (Hubba hubba.)

Little narcissus. I put them in the window so that they could look at themselves in the reflection. (That was a joke. I am totally funny. Really. )

And that is what I've got. Outside now...well that is a completely different story. (I actually got to work outside yesterday! Mind you, it was after Ezra asked me if we could please start gardening now so that our garden doesn't look ugly again like last summer. That was not a joke. He is totally not funny. Really.) Thank you to Small But Charming for letting us can see other flowers inside others houses right here.
PS...I cheated & took these pictures so you couldn't see the stack of dishes...or laundry...or toys...we need more flowers! I have enough mess to share though, if you want pictures of that....


  1. I loved that you joined in and with such beautiful blossoms.

    Majolica spray roses are a huge fav of mine as are all your vases.

    Nice pairings.

    Now go get to work outside:-)

    xo Jane

  2. I am so jealous! Where did you get the ranunculus. They don't seem to want to grow here, so I haunt the florist, but they always say "not this week; they're not in season". Clearly there are somewhere! Still jealous!

  3. I really like your leftovers! You call this messy?

  4. Thank you!
    Amelia...I really meant I did some "creative" navigating taking the pictures so you couldn't see the PILES of mess around my house. I thought the flowers were better looking than all of their surroundings. :)
    Webb- the flower market. I am a dead goner for ranunculus.
    Jane! So so so nice of you to stop by! I've been wanting you for a flower friend...thank you so much for the "flowers in the house"! Cold in Chicago today...maybe tomorrow? (Procrastination is my middle name.)



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