Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flowers Outside the House

It seems only appropriate that since we were inside yesterday, we go outside today. Most of my pretty little yellow daffodils withered in the heat of last week (or were pounded by the rain...) but I have a couple of late varieties that have just made their debut.

Little muscari wandering around the rose bed. I found one that somehow made its way to the middle of the backyard. Hanging out solo- how did you get here? (Is he traveling, trying to get to a relative that is in a neighbors yard a few doors down?)

Ah me, violets! A few more and I am going to pick myself a little posy.
What is it about violets that make you think of your childhood? Simple, sweet and innocent- readily available for little hands to pick at will and by whim?

Tulips have made their entrance. (And so has creeping charlie...ugh.)

I honestly don't know what happened here. A bee got busy with my tulips and have made some crazy new colors. (This was once a pure purple...now- a multi-hued beauty.) Who am I to interfere with Mother Nature's doings?

Maybe there was some romance going on between the varieties that I wasn't privy to. A brief encounter from across the garden path? The bee carried the love note? (Which came back with an X on "I like you like you...not just like you.")
I wonder about these things.

And there it is (for now)...inside out.

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  1. Wow! I love to see those flowers outside your home too! Very nice!

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