Monday, July 11, 2011

Window Sill (Small Substitution)

Confession: I haven't been out in my garden since Iris arrived. It is hideously overgrown and out of control. Yesterday, I actually received hate mail from my plants. They threatened me bodily harm unless I got myself out there and did some serious weeding. Bodily harm. (I really don't think they would hurt me though, as they are all comfortably rooted...but you never know....) I have tried my best to block out the view to the gardens- ahem- weed beds and have turned to a much smaller, more controlled area, my kitchen window sill.

There are no weeds here. Just pretty pink ranunculus. As it has been so hot out, we have been keeping the windows shut so I can't hear the accusations/ threats coming from the garden.

You know your garden is overrun when your mother asks if she should come over and weed for you.

A branch of "Electric Lime" coleus that I accidentally snapped off. It is now very happy here on the sill of denial.

The root of the problem is time. There just is never enough of it. Excuses, excuses, I know! Lets see, its July 11- maybe by the end of the month I'll whip my garden world back into shape. Did you hear that plants? I may even get a little crazy and put some of you I bought this spring into the ground...until then, I'll enjoy what I have right here above the kitchen sink- and keep my eyes peeled for plants on the move.

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