Monday, March 5, 2012

Flowers in the House

Monday. Monday. Moanday. Weekends- even when not jammed full seem to slip so quickly by. And even when I write that and do a glossing over my weekend in my mind- it was jammed full- work, groceries, meetings with brides, bra buying- (Now that is something that I would like to gloss over. There is nothing like a very skinny early 20 something fitting you for a bra. "Did you know that that part that squishes out over the sides isn't really just fat...its breast tissue...its totally natural. I think you need to go up a cup size...." I didn't know that. It didn't make me feel better. Neither did buying myself a few new bras- which I totally needed- even the afore mentioned 20 year old was referring to my old bra as "Senorita Scary" before I left. Its hard to feel good about a purchase that depresses you. After conferring with a friend, we both agree- bra buying is way worse than trying on least with swimsuits you get to do that in a dressing room by yourself, without a 20 something telling you about your natural body fat. ) picking up children, dropping off children you know- not busy. I digress. A blog that I enjoy wandering around, Small But Charming is doing a series called Flowers in the House- where every last Monday of the month you show- well, your your house. I (WAS NOT LATE...I hear you...) missed last Monday, so I thought I would play catch-up today.

From my sweetest six year old sweetie- my single Valentine's Day flower (Jamie knows better) in an Ezra crafted vase. I've got more spent flowers in my house than live- I love them just as much watered as withered.

Redbud. Who can resist? You will probably see these at the end of the month all spent too. (I'll show you a picture when they pop.)

This is eriostemon. It has this evergreenish, citrusy smell about it that I love.

I'm kind of a simpleton when it comes to flowers in my house. Cut & thrown in vase or jar or cup or whatever. All the same variety. Done.

Lazy? Probably.

Oh ranunculus...I love you...oh ranunculus, I love yoooou.... I'm singing that, to no particular tune, but thought that it was information you should be privy to.

I mean, come on, who couldn't love a face like this?

I think this idea is fab. I love that little glimpse into others style/work/home/flowers. I hope you do too.
(Thanks flwrjane for letting us play!)

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