Friday, August 19, 2011

And Then on the 2 There Are Three

Not quite on the anniversary proper, but I thought I should continue on the (near) birthday of Picked to keep up with the original picture, and how its changed. And now, we are a triple threat.

Ezra is really a little man. (5 going on 35 if you know what I mean....) Avery actually does have a full head of hair. And there is a flower that has just sprouted up between the two of them.

My first baby that is anything but a baby, my second baby that is such a little big boy, and my third baby that I hope stays a baby forever...well, not really forever- but I'm going to hold on to this time as tightly as I can.

As tightly as I can, before it too, becomes a picture in my mind.
First post here, and then revisited here.

Happy weekend!

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