Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I thought it only fitting to re-take the picture of the boys from my very first post again and share it with you a year later. A side -by- side- see -how -they've -grown, if you will. (Ha, at first I typed groan- ....)

I think E looks pretty much the same. Avery though, has turned into a little man right before my eyes. (And he even has some hair....) The wagon looks a little old for its age. It has not really been graffiti-ed, Avery sidewalk-chalked it. It comes out. Like most (emphasis on most) of the art he creates for me- only temporary.

I had my (ahem) 20th high school reunion this weekend. I know I've mentioned it before, but now seems like a really good time to bring it up again. I am enchanted and horrified by time. I am now double the age I was when I graduated. I got the shivers just then. Who stole all of the time? And what did they do with it? Some of my old childhood chums, the ones I played 4-square with, learned to tie my shoes with, saw in bell-bottoms and knickers and keds, in braces, in love, covered in bad foundation, blue eye-shadow, enormous '80's hair, through brake-ups and make-ups and all of the in-betweens...they are now walking their own children to our same grade school or dropping them off at our high school and a few are sending their kids off to college and I feel a little light-headed with the thought that so much time has gone by. And I look at my boys and I see little differences in them every single day and I try to hold on to them. Little things like the way they say words. The games they like to play. Favorite books, outfits, foods. The songs they like to have sung to them. The little things that I wasn't aware of as a child. The little nuances that slip from childhood into adolescence and then to adulthood. The ones my mother and I talk about now. The ones that I hope she and her mother sometimes reminisce about. The ones that my friends and I shared over the weekend. The mental pictures, the memories, a good life, revisited.

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