Monday, August 22, 2011

Ben & Britt Part I

This week is going to be (partially) dedicated to Brittany & Ben McCready and their absolutely delicious wedding! When Britt and I first met and started dreaming about flowers, we wanted the whole aura of the day to feel as if everyone had been transported back, somewhere (or somewhen) to a more simple, but glamorously eclectic time- homespun, vintage and completely their own. Set in the sweet little town of Sycamore Illinois- the day (despite the rain...which, personally I find romantic...) was so sweet, it was almost edible. (And was at one of my favorite spots- more on that later!)

The church- simply decorated with hydrangea heads to welcome the bride and her party down the aisle.

These are an "antique" variety of hydrangea from Holland, and they are beautiful. (And actually kind of matched the church!)

And after the "I do's" were done- a bicycle built for two!

I was busy doing other things, but I heard that the new Mrs. actually took a spin on this, in her gown around town! (I'll see if I can fetch up some of those pictures later!)

And that is how the day was begun- end of chapter one!

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