Monday, May 16, 2011

Lets Go To Bed

Well, its Monday after all... and I'm sure you're a little run-down from the weekend, or at the prospect of starting out another work week, right? And I don't mean lets go to bed really, I meant come and look at these things I've been having dreams about once I can get back into our bedroom. This is what I'm hoping will fill our room once its done.... This Joel Dewberry print has been making me crazy (in a good way) for almost two years now. Its part of his line called Deer Valley- and before the demolition began, I wanted to do the entire wall behind our bed in this fabric- now that the shape of the room has changed out a bit, I am going to make just a really large headboard from it. Its pattern has this amazing old damask feel to it- its a little kooky and not too feminine, it has flowers and birds and deer and its green and I love it...really I do.

Ah, the wall color- its going to be Benjamin Moore's Bittersweet Chocolate. I want the room to feel cocoon like and calm and cozy- and this dark chocolatey color is just the thing Willy Wonka and I would order. (Jamie is a little scared- but I tell him to trust me... muh ha ha ha!)

Our bedding (which we already have) is from West Elm- it is the pintuck in natural (the white-ish one) and its a keeper.

Although we could use an extra set of sheets- and this dot pattern, also from West Elm (in the green) is the front runner at the moment.

And this fun pillow from Urban Outfitters I think needs to go on the bed.

I was looking at this rug, its texture is fantastic- and I think I want to bring a little more bright/white to the floor- to go under our bed (our floors are also a nice dark chocolate color) I'm just not sure about how the upkeep works. And if it sheds. I have a dog. I don't need the floor to shed too. But I still like it...a lot. (It too is from West Elm.)

For one of the bed side tables, (probably Jamie's...he is not a night reader) I was thinking about Little Bunny Foo Foo here. Nothing too serious- kind of off beat- tongue and cheeky...we'll see. From Anthropologie- and you must admit (well, you don't have to-) but I think he looks awfully nice in front of the dark brown wall, don't you?

And now that we have really raised the roof on our room- I can finally get my light fixture I have been pining over. Yes, dear shall be mine!
(Its from Pottery Barn.)

Well, that is how everything is shaping up in my head anyways. A tweak here and there, I'm sure- but you get the general idea. I'll show you what we've been working on for Stinkerbell's side of the room later this week. (Still no name...I've got time though, right? Eeeek!)

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  1. The rug IS fantastic, and the bunny light is beyond great! I think he will be very happy next to your chocolatey wall.



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