Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teletummy Tuesdays

Ah Tuesday! Don't fret none friends...there can't be too too many of these left, right? I swear I hear the Jaws theme music behind me sometimes as I'm walking around. (Da dum...Da dum...) Is there something there, lurking around the corner?

No...its sticking out waaaayyy out in front of me.

(Da dum...da dum...dadum..dadum..dadum.) Remedy for such paranoia?

Yes. Sad and true. I am a walking billboard. A stereotype. A stock holder of Ben & Jerry's. (Actually, the pickles haven't been huge this time around- when I was pregnant with Ezra, I think I actually received a few thank you notes from Claussen...I am so not joking.)

TWO WEEKS (but who's counting?)

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