Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let There be Light

I dig lights. I seem to have a weak spot for fixtures. They somehow just seem to come home with me. I have on numerous occasions brought home non-electrified objects to Jamie and said, "illuminate it!" (My man, while shaking his head with a why-can't-you-just-buy-something-normal look on his face always delivers.) So, now that I am mostly steadily working towards the completion of the office (which you saw dreadful pictures of last month) I am, ha ha- going towards the are my front-runners thus far.The first is the Maskros pendant from IKEA. It is from the third generation of their PS line, a post scriptum to the rest of Ikea. They only do the PS line every so often (the first debuted in 1995.) And every inception has a theme, this one is nature and green design. Maybe that's why I love it. It does look like a dandelion waiting to be blown into the wind, doesn't it? The light is huge, it is a whopping 32" wide and its made from paper- I think with our vaulted ceiling it would be fantastic. (And Ikea can't beat it.)

The second selection is the Edison Chandelier from the Pottery Barn. Yes, I know- but look, isn't it amazing? I have been lusting (yes, lusting...truly) after this for over a year now. I am a sucker for exposed bulbs. The price for all of this fabulousness, of course, is right in line with the rest of Pottery Barn's inventory. Grrrr....

Two completely different pieces- one light, airy and modern- one heavy, dark and industrial. Both would fit in the office- both would be great for completely different reasons...hmmmm. What do you think?


  1. I love the Pottery Barn fixture... of course I like the more expensive one.

  2. I know! Jeez, why do we have to have such good taste? ;)



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