Friday, February 18, 2011

All Right, Mr. DeMille, We Are Ready For Our Close-Up

Have I mentioned yet that I love my new camera? No? I love my new camera! It takes such good clean close-ups of flowers- I wanted to share. (I can't wait for the garden to start blooming! I could never take really good pictures of anything all up and close-y... now I'm going to o.d. on super-close-ups...and so are you!!! And bugs! Wait for all of the bugs, beetles and butterflies! Ooooh, I can't wait! Until then though....) These are for you from last weekend, for this weekend.

Yves Piaget & Caramel Antike...YUMMMMMMY! Someone who gave their significant other a bouquet from me this weekend called to tell me that Tuesday after they had been out for the day, they came home to the most fantastic smelling house ever...filled with the heavenly heady scent of garden roses! What a nice thing to share- and now he's really "in" with his sweetie...well I aim to please....

Jasmine, before its ready to pop. Do you like the smell of jasmine? I waiver back and forth. Sometimes I want to take a bite out of it, and sometimes I'm happy its not quite blooming yet. Regardless of the smell, I get it all of the time because I love its twistingly wild ways. Where do you stand?

This little pretty branch-y fellow has the funniest name. Leptospermum. (Hee hee, I swear my sense of humor belongs back in 8th grade.) Name aside, its awfully sweet. (And its not like it named itself, you can't really hold it against the flower....)

Ranunculus. F*ing huge glorious ranunculus. I swoon.

Yves, again. (Did I mention that this might be my favorite garden rose? Once? Twice? Get back to me once summer is here, we'll see if I'm still as smitten.)


Hydrangea...and I drool just looking at it. Hello beautiful, why oh why didn't I buy one or 20 of you for myself. Norma Desmond, eat your heart out. Happy weekend!

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