Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Are Still My Valentine...

Just a couple of things that went out this last weekend. I decided to completely boycott the color red. Unless requested. Or unable to be swayed otherwise. Pinks and creamy creams and purples abound. (Okay, I did send out a few dozen long stem red roses, they just cannot be avoided at this time of year- and the recipients seemed happy, so that is all that matters, not what I like....)
Below, stock, scabiosa, tulips, roses and the largest, juiciest mop-head of hydrangea ever. (That is just one big 'ol one!)

Garden rose, Yves Piaget- which I think might be one of my favorite-est, garden rose O'Hara, hydrangea, ranunculus, tulip, sweet pea, and jasmine vine are in here.

More of the same, just add in some french tulips and garden rose Caramel Antike (which I also really love- the smell is just downright intoxicating.....)

And what is a Valentine's Day without conversation hearts? I actually crammed a couple handfuls more (into my I"m joking...sort of...) into the jar so you couldn't see the rim between the flowers and the candy, but evidently took all of the pictures before I did that. Silly Becca.

You still will be my Valentine, right?

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