Friday, January 7, 2011

Santa Does Read My Blog!

After having written such a heart-warming letter to Santa Claus, it would appear he does indeed read my blog. I was deeeeelited to open up my boots Christmas morning. (Mine are the ones on the left and they are violet- Avery wanted his boots from Santa to be included in the picture...they are the ones on the right.) I have stomped about in the snow and the slush in them already, and am in love. Cannot wait for mud.

I think I might have shed a small tear, and hugged my Mr. Claus very tightly when I opened up my new camera. It takes awesome awesome pictures, has an amazing zoom/macro lens- and I am already dreaming of all the pictures we will be taking together, my camera and I.

I also received enough Anthropologie gift cards to keep me busy for at least a little while and a pretty little box of my favorite undies. Satisfied indeed. Now, I am on the hunt for the perfect bag to hold my new camera- here is the front-runner from Jo Totes...super cute, no?

It is a camera bag, disguised as a very cute purse. It has re-arrangeable compartments to fit your camera, wallet, journal, water, or whatever else you might be carrying...hey, Santa....
(Happy weekend!)

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