Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Counting Down...

Oh delicious anticipation. Its that time of year when you feel as though time can't possibly go fast enough as a child, and just can't seem to slow down -even a tick- as an adult. A small remedy? An advent calender- filled with sweet and simple to do's and perhaps a piece of chocolate or a small toy to not only help build excitement and wonder but to take a moment to enjoy the everyday as the 25th draws ever (and more rapidly) nearer. Here are some great choices to buy, or if you are feeling crafty, to make, on your own.

I wrote about the advent calendar we got for the boys last year- and that I thought I would like to make something fun for Jamie, so I am continuing that tradition (is it a tradition now that I am doing it two years in a row? How many times must you do something in order for it to be considered a "tradition"?) But I am changing out my miniature envelopes for something slightly more crafty. Sorry- you will have to wait until it is finished. (Which I sincerely hope is this evening....)

In the boys advent house it is all about sugary surprises. Jamie gets tiny to do's and perhaps a sweet or two. (Or 25....)

I put in little things to do like- hang our Christmas lights, or sing me a Christmas Carol- or teach one to Ezra, make hot chocolate from scratch with me, or marshmallows, or take us ice skating, go Santa shopping...you get the idea.

Let me know if you try an advent calendar at your house- what tasks and treats you come up with, to help savor the season.

I'm excited just thinking about it.
Picture 1 from here. Picture 2 from here. Picture 3 from here. Picture 4 from here. Picture 5 from here. All via here and here, thank you!

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