Monday, November 29, 2010

Robot Recap

The words whew and holy crap come to mind when thinking about this weekend. We survived yesterday (barely) as nine 4-5-and-6 year olds descended upon our house. Fun? Definitely. Carnage? Much. Endorphins and serious sugar rushes (in addition to the usual rocket fuel kids are charged with) propelled them through the party. It all went by so fast, that the only good pictures I have to share are the ones I took before the party began. A robot silhouette to greet everyone at the door.

Ezra modeling a handful of his favorite party hats. (Which Avery systematically popped the eyes off of...every one....)

The kids all picked out their favorite hat and played our robot games in them.

I am sad to report however, most of the robots did not survive the entire event. (I attribute their demise, again, to Avery.)

The robot cake "mysteriously" lost a body part 1/2 way through the party. (Avery again? I'm honestly not sure....) I knew I should have taken a picture of him before the party. Live and learn- not everyone likes to wait for cake. We sent everyone home with a robot tool kit, filled with a miniature robot toy, robot chocolates (I mean come on, chocolate does cure just about everything...) and a bag of "nuts, bolts and computer chips" which we regular humanoids refer to as Chex Mix.

Fun was had by all. Even Leo mostly behaved himself- only eating a 1/2 a bowl of said Chex Mix and 1 piece of cake. Whew. Did I mention that Avery's birthday is next month? (Holy crap!)

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