Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Last year we bought this sweet (ha ha) advent calendar for the boys.

Each window or door opens to reveal a small Christmas confection or tiny toy.
Ezra was ecstatic- and convinced that elves delivered it while he was sleeping. (The kid has a great theory- who am I to mess with it?)

I thought why should the boys have all of the fun (well just E, Avery doesn't care about the gingerbread house...if it were real- well that would be a different story....) I made these advent envelopes for Jamie- he gets to find the day and open each one up revealing either a tiny gift, (that are not in the envelopes) or some Christmas-y direction for the day.

The envelopes are small- just the size for a business card. These read buy & trim our Christmas tree and find some mistletoe & give me some smoochers. (Its Ezra's word of choice for kisses- what can I say- I'm a victim of my children's dialogue. At least I haven't started pointing and grunting like Avery does. Hmmmm.)

Here is one that involves hot chocolate. That is all I can say about the cards- somebody actually reads this from time to time & I don't want him to see everything.

I think its an easy way to get excited-not that its hard for either of us...we are two kids trapped in adult sized bodies.... You can tailor each card to fit the day or create a day around the card.
Here are some other ideas (ones which aren't in my stash....)
*Make a gingerbread house
*Hang up stockings
*Make cookies for your neighbor's & deliver with a carol
*Wish everyone you see today a Merry Christmas
*Go see a holiday movie
*Go see Christmas displays on State Street (or fill in State Street with appropriate destination)
*Make homemade eggnog
*Participate in a singing of "The Messiah"
*Go see "The Nutcracker"
You get the idea. There are more ideas here.
Happy December 1st!

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