Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Isn't it Dreamy?

About six years ago my dolly friend Amanda and I had a very "professional" meeting to talk about a concept store that we were dreaming about opening. Envision if you will a garden store that also sold cut flowers & arrangements, had an organic tea bar (made with our own herbs...cold in the summer/hot in the winter...maybe some homemade ginger beer, maybe hot chocolate infused with mint or get the idea...) and on certain occasions offered massages to weary gardener hands, backs & legs. Influenced by some of our favorite nurseries that we would visit together, and our marathon love-fests at Anthropologie, we were excited and energized to put our heads together to create what we thought would be an amazing niche- combining our favorite things. (I will mention here that Amanda was getting her massage therapy license at the time, but would rather be playing in the garden.) We were of course, lacking only one thing: money. Erg! Darn that lack of cash thing always getting in my way! As some of you know- my sweet Mander now works for Anthropologie as one of their amazing amazing amazing design coordinators. And on the lines of Anthropologie, last year they opened their 4th child in their fantastic empire: Terrain. Its basically a garden variety of Anthropolgie with a cafe. Damn it! I have heard rumors that 4 more Terrain's are in the works- one scheduled for somewhere in the Chicagoland area...oh well, if I can't beat them- I will shop at them!

You can look over their drool-worthy menu at their web-site. They also do fun "girls nights" where you can sip mimosas or other cocktail concoctions and meander around their massive store & nursery grounds.

Isn't it sweet? Fantastic? Delicious? Dreamy? Insert appropriate adjective here? At least envy's color is green so I blend in....

They just launched their online store this week- where you can buy me this, er I mean where you can buy this:
It's a clam basket, but I think it would be fantastic lined with moss & potted full of spring bulbs. Yum yum.
Or you could splurge and get this:
I've always wanted to make a water garden- this would be perfect.
Amanda and I have sworn to make a pilgrimage out to Terrain next year- its in Pennsylvania.
In the back of my mind though, there is still my little store, sweet and fun and well, mine. I hold on to the dream that someday, I will make it come true- and I suppose that that is part of the fun.
Here's to hoping that one day you too will be able to walk into my dream.
Images courtesy of Terrain, Explore and Eat and Curious Bird...thank you!

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