Friday, September 25, 2009

Have a Nice Weekend...

I will admit I was watching Oprah last night. I don't do that very often- (admit it, or watch it...) Barbara Streisand was on and was singing Jimmy Durante's Make Someone Happy. That song always makes me think of Sleepless in Seattle. The performance was okay- she did a little lounge-y thing where she spoke in the middle of the song- something to the tune of "It feels so good to make someone else happy, doesn't it? It lights you up, from the inside...." That got me thinking. It does take so little to make someone elses day so much nicer, and it does make you feel better. I found Operation Nice a while ago- and although yes, it can be corny at times- the intention is beautiful. They have mini-projects you can do, like mailing 10 people a thank you card for no reason at all but to say something like thank you, I like your smile everyday or thank you for being my dear dear friend or thank you for baking me those cookies- they were just what I needed. Which isn't nothing at all- its what everyday is about. Remember mail? The good kind of snail mail that isn't a bill? (I vaguely do.) I am thinking of 10 people- can you? It shares little stories of random acts of kindness and how they progressed and were passed on or paid forward if you will. As lame as it may make me sound, I do think if everyone was just a little nicer and cared more for the people around them the world would be a better place. I'm sending you all a little virtual posy of flowers from the garden:

Hydrangea, eupitorium, anemone, sedum, hosta, echinacea and geranium.

Happy (and nice) weekend!

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