Thursday, September 20, 2012


Sometimes I just sit at the computer waiting for that first word to come popping out from my head. Sometimes I can drink most of the pot of coffee I made earlier this morning, watch the baby take a nap, draw an outline of a dragon for Avery and do some web wandering and still not know what word I want to come out of me. Sometimes. 
The garden can speak volumes. 

The herb garden has just gone crazy this summer.  Must harvest more herbs before they are gone!
(Thai Basil below.)

Have you ever had one plant that just doesn't work out for you year to year, but you continue to buy/try it year after year?  Fuzzy Thyme.  I don't know why I keep trying, or it keeps dying...but I'm a sucker for its sweet fuzzy little leaves.  Until they are brown and shriveled and no longer fuzzy.  Hmmm.  Maybe next year?

Fresh hydrangea (Endless Summer....) He just bloomed this week, with a few more friends. Endless summer indeed.  Limelight below, just starting to get twinges of rosy red 'round the edges, arguing a completely different case- or season.

Anemone.  Autumn is eminent.  The anemone say so. (Louder than words.)

"Black Jack"  sedum...and a black ant. 

Clematis "Sweet Autumn" is everywhere.  EVERYWHERE. Climbing and scrambling and reaching further than it has any other year. 

Wild asters and a seemingly tame bumblebee. 

This is what has been going 'round. 

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