Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 Little moments, little pangs of nostalgia for our vacation have hit me here and there throughout the weeks that we have been back while trying to pick up our routines- or fall into new ones.  Daydreaming of what the sand felt like,  what the smell of the cabin was, the view of Lake Superior, the view of the never-ending sky, the smell of the children's hair after spending hours by a campfire, the sound of stillness.  Then I realize that my hands have been soaking in dish detergent, or that I was going to change a diaper, or that I was unloading a load of laundry, or pouring another cup of coffee and I sigh to myself and get back to the daily day-to-day dealings.  But there are pictures to be shared- and here for just a moment we (oh yes, you too!) are going hiking. 

 Hiking to wooded dunes (a bit of an oxymoron?  Nope.  They are deliciously (and deciduously, I might add) true.)  with views that ran with the waves for miles. 

We explored every nearby waterfall the boys could lead us to. 


We followed most of the streams that led away from the falls.


One led us back to the lakefront. 

 Where we (the boys anyways) ran through the little rivulet repeatedly collecting rocks, looking for fish, splashing.  Playing.

And can we, just for a moment talk about ferns? I think I could lose myself just dreaming on the groves upon groves of ferns growing beneath the trees. 

I think I could probably write a book about my love of ferns...or moss.  My high-school self would be horrified!  ("Ferns?  Moss?  Whatever!  Who is this crazy lady and what has she done with me? Her?  Us?") Do you ever have conversations like that with your former self?

Its the lake!  Not the "Blue Lagoon"!  I know!  Jamie and I had a brief idea of skinny dipping, but we couldn't figure out a way to get down there, and talk about scarring your children for life.... It was a fleeting thought. Very.  Fleeting. 

One day hiking led us to this lighthouse.  We were graciously given a tour to ourselves- and 3 of us went to the top where it was so windy I seriously thought we might get blown right off the side, or perhaps we could have just sprouted wings and woooooshh became one of the gulls that had been chattering at us all afternoon?

The trees.  Oh the trees.  The quiet calmness of these trees that peak the sky like old steeples. 

Hiking.  Thanks for coming with me.

Iris just woke up from her nap.  Back to reality!  I'm sure you have other things to tend to too.  But a little reverie never hurts anyone, does it? 
(More about our vacation here.)


  1. Nice, a little mini vacation for me. Lovely photos and a beautiful place. Oops, laundry is done and I need to cut flowers for market. But thanks for the hike, it was wonderful.

  2. Thanks for taking us with you. I just adore ferns, if it was up to me I'd just pull everything out and cover it with ferns, well maybe a flower here or there. Anyway, that was fun.



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