Monday, August 6, 2012

Pretty Posies All in a Row

I love these flowery friends, these gardeny girls that Emily Martin from The Black Apple has grown from her imagination. Don't they all look like kindred spirits?

In order, they are Shirley Poppy, Wild Strawberry, Peony, English Rose and Wild Rose and I think they all look like they would be darling to hang out with (or they might like to just hang around as the case may be....) Wild Rose (and her friend) would be the best at playing games.  Peony would keep your secrets. Wild Strawberry would be the best at climbing trees.  English Rose is the shyest, but has the most important things to say, when she is ready.  And Shirley Poppy?  You always just want to have her by your side.  (Plus she'll teach you how to make flower crowns.) I was just a bit worried about myself, creating friendships with paintings and all- but it only lasted for a moment or so.  They are too darling not to.  Wander yourself over to Emily's world, I bet you'll be doing the same thing. 

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