Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anthony & Sam (Part II)

A few more pictures from a wedding in June. June! Its August! Ah me. Summer days that just seem to slip right away. 

A cutie-pie suitcase to put all of their cards & well wishes into.  

We (and when I say we here, I mean JAMIE) cut wooden discs out for flower risers, and then with smaller branches made the sweetest little old-school S+A's .  Behind every great Becca idea (well, great in my head...) is Jamie.  And his multitude of tools.  (The initials are burned into the wood.)

The Bride's bouquet.  I didn't get pictures of Sam (imagine that!) but have seen some of the professional pictures- and can't wait to show you.  She looked like a cross between a Grecian goddess and a 1930's Hollywood starlet.  Va va voom.  

Bridesmaid bouquet- all peaches & cream.

It was a beautiful day.  Congratulations my sweethearts!!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of it all. 

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