Friday, June 8, 2012

Clematis, Hydrangea and the Poop Scoop

The garden is really starting to bloom. (You know there is- well, for me there is- that in-between time, after tulips and before summery blooms...that time of just a scatter, a smatter of color? I've gotta work on that.)  Oh clematis...I could just eat you, you're so pretty.   (And, it looks as though somebody- not me- has been nibbling on your petals.  I can't be angry, because I just said I'd eat you....)

One of the hydrangeas.  I'm a hydrangea junkie.  You ( I ) just can't have enough.  (Really, Jamie...I can't....) 

These pictures are all from the same bush, in varying shades of blue/lavender/pinkish-purplish.  It will be interesting to see what shade they finally decide on- if they decide on just one shade.  

We have been making caprese (tomato, basil, mozzarella, olive oil) salads for the past few nights to accompany whatever else we are eating with  bundles of basil from the herb garden.  (I am also somewhat of a basil junkie.)  Tomatoes are bought.  

We used to grow tomatoes.  I got tired of finding Leo cozied up next to the tomato bushes, gingerly plucking the perfectly ripe (how did he even know?) tomatoes off of the vines horsey style- lips pulled back, teeth gently nipping off my fruit.  If it wasn't Leo, it was a very rude raccoon who after picking my tomatoes would take a bite, decide they weren't to their liking, cast them to the ground and try another variety.  No more tomatoes.  

We did find a rogue strawberry patch by the shade garden.  For his love of strawberry butts...Leo didn't take any of these.

Ezra told me he didn't know that I planted strawberries this year.  I told him, "I didn't."

He pressed on-he  wanted to know how they got there then.  I told him, "Well- either a bird or a raccoon or a rabbit or a Leo ate this type of strawberry, enjoyed it, and then pooped in our yard...and more or less, there was a seed in there and from that- grew your strawberry.  (He spit the (washed) one out of his mouth.) "That is so gross."  "No its I need to sing The Circle of Life" ?  Because Elton John and I will explain it  all to you, young Simba."  He declined.   I told him, "Maybe a mouse was starting a strawberry field in our backyard, and had bought the seeds from his cousin, you know- the country mouse? "  Ezra rolled his eyes at me.  I tried.  Too much information?  Oh well, Leo likes them.

Happy weekend!  
(Happy birthday my sweet Amanda Bee!)


  1. Know what you mean, I'm quite the hydrangae junkie myself, (10 and still counting) and as far as the tomatoes, again every year even though the last two have not been great but there's nothing like that caprese with fresh picked tomatoes and basil. I need to make mozzarella :)PS. Love clematis but have never planted them, what's with that? Yours are beautiful!Never enough time or space...

  2. Replies
    1. I wish I could send you some!!! :)



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