Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To My Sweet Mandy Bee

Happy Birthday Amanda!

If we were going to spend your birthday together, would we...

Hit ALL of our favorite nurseries, oohing and ahhing over pots, plants and posies?
Drink a couple gallons of coffee?
Wander around a forest preserve or two, just to rejuvenate our spirits? (And maybe find a fairy or two?)
Go shopping for vintage treats?
Stop whenever we wanted for tasty eats?
Dream our little dreams that one day we know we will make happen?

Listen to great music, because wherever we are or whatever we do, we always have a great soundtrack?
Make our pilgrimage to Terrain?
Smuggle a bottle of wine into the movie theater and watch a show?
Sit at the dining room table and just talk, talk (laugh) and talk the day (and night) away?

I admired Amanda's beautiful, quirky style before we even were friends. I didn't know then that I was about to befriend my soul sister. She worked for Lancome, and was always perfectly put together- but underneath her little smock, you could see bits of her amazing personal style peeking through. That is just the part of Mandy that I think I love the most- no matter what you put her in, whether it be clothes or work or a difficult situation her beautiful inside, like the light on a cloudy day always comes pouring through. I don't think I could find a single person who has ever met her that wouldn't instantly smile at the thought of her and say "Yes! I know Amanda! I love her!" (I'm telling you, to know the girl is to love her.) Amanda makes you feel- all at once- welcome, comforted and special- if you're meeting her for the first time or the millionth. My sweet girl, I am in awe of your work. I am so proud of the woman you are. I am humbled that you think of me as one of your own. Your mother was so right giving you your middle name. You are the bee...the bee that visits everything beautiful, takes a little bit and passes it on so that everyone can see and enjoy and love it . What a gift you give. What a gift you are.

Happy birthday, your first day on earth day- the day that we celebrate you. Make wishes. Eat fairy cake. I love you so so much.
( Happy anniversary too! Today is the day she and her Mister did say I do!)

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