Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Week's End

Did you have a good holiday weekend? (If you are here in the US? Otherwise, did you all have a good weekend too?) I was so excited to just do nothing. It never works out that way. I'm okay with it though. I met a bride to talk about flowers for her wedding next year (!), had a lovely pedicure, ate cold pizza- right out of the refrigerator- (standing barefoot on the cool kitchen tile admiring said pedicure), weeded my ENTIRE garden, (Yes, yes that's right & my hamstrings still hate me.) planted more plants, watched a parade, dodged candy bullets at the parade, and finished the whole weekend out with a carnival. You know I love a carnival. It all went by in a flash. In a whirl. (A Tilt-a-Whirl.) 

And now I am already looking to the end of this week. June first. Iris's first birthday. Ezra's last day of kindergarten. Milestones for them, joyfully bittersweet for me. You can't hold on to them anymore than you can slow down time...but I try. I will always try.


  1. Oh how lovely! The pink one reminds me of an old Finnish rose as well, and as I've been thinking about planting a few roses, I think one of them will need to be that particular one. Oh I'd love climbing roses as well but they don't seem to survive here too well, so it'll need to be a more bushy version instead.

    1. HI!!! I responded on your other comment- because that is completely something I would do. :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by!



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