Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Can't be a Crowd....

When we first bought the house, the garden was a tangle- a jangle of a jungle of overgrown plants, with no flow no rhyme, no reason...but there were roses. Not all of them were to my taste- hot pinks, apricots and dark reds, pretty...undeniably, but not for me. I dug up all save one, a pretty rambler with bounties of white blooms.
I finally (after nine years of watching it grow) put its long stems up onto a teepee, the heavy buds hang heavy like trumpet flower- but its happy.

I have no idea what variety it is- and I'm not even sure it is a climber, but each year with healthy pruning, its arms got longer and longer, ever reaching up and out.  

Slightly fragrant, wistfully romantic- heady with time gone by- I'm so glad I didn't donate you to a neighbor. 

My mother gave me this- "Veilchenblau" a couple of years ago for Mother's Day- it has gone absolutely crazy with blooms.  

(Pay no attention to what lays behind this teepee...I've only got so far on my "jungle" weeding....)

Little sprinkles, tiny treats- faintly smelling sweet.  

I haven't told either of these two dear ladies that they are about to be joined by a third. 

("Night Owl" came home with me this weekend....)  Where to put her?

I hope they don't believe in two's company....


  1. ... and I managed to comment on the wrong post, doh :D

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by! (And for commenting- sometimes I feel like I'm just writing to myself....) There are usually more nature-y pictures up here, but everything seems to be "kid driven" these days :)
      Annelivia, come by any time! Now that I've found you, I'll visit you daily!

    2. Oh, and its all of 52 degrees here today- so much for "proper" summer! :(



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