Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here we Go 'Round the Mulberry Tree

We went walking this morning on the hunt for one of Ezra & Avery's favorite summer treats- fresh berries- picked right off of the tree. We found mulberries that were perfect. 

Ezra is completely pleased with himself, he no longer needs me to pull branches down for him.  (But I still do it for him, even though I know he can....)

We had a mulberry tree in our backyard when I was little.  I could spend entire afternoons comfortably wedged high up in the tree daydreaming and eating the sweet, juicy, dark berries.  I would climb down only after I was completely satiated, and satisfactorily stained.  Although not clambering up trees yet, the boys love the berries just as much as I ever did.  (Getting dirty is just a bonus.)

Avery's first bite. 

This is Ave by his second or third.  

It washes off, mostly. 

This little Blue- berry, she is sweet enough just as she is. 

Iris will get some on our next walk- when I remember to bring her (and Avery) a bib. 


  1. Oh my, your kids are cute !beautiful :)
    I wish that mulberry tree can grow here in Asia.. haha!

    1. Hey! Hi! Thank you- glad you stopped by!

  2. That picture of Avery (second one)is priceless, and any picture of Iris is priceless. Who needs bibs?

    1. Ha! Avery needs a full body bib- for everyday wear. :)



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