Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Iris Evangelene 10 Months

It was no April Fool's joke...Iris turned 10 months on Sunday. Clearly, that is something to snorkel about.

Out of all of our little photo shoots- this one was the most difficult. Somebody absolutely did not want to sit still.

Iris is on the move. She wants to go go go. (And does, does, does....) Although not fully crawling- she still does the army commando crawl- she has become a master of cruising. (Holding on to furniture and shuffling on her feet.)

Iris really does say "Dada" now. (There is nooooo promise of Mama, anywhere on the horizon.) She points to Jamie and smiles and "Dada" comes happily out with an ounce or so of drool. She also says Ezra, and Dog. I'm not sure how I feel about my ranking. At least she doesn't grimace when she sees me- which is what she does when Avery comes around- small comforts.

She also says "no, no, no, no, no" while she smiles and shakes her head back and forth. Its all very sweet and lady like, for now.

Ten months have gone by, little one- and everyday- every single day- at some point I ask myself how did I get so lucky.

And...she's done. She is going to go work on those thighs....


  1. She's beautiful. I absolutely love the cranky face photo.

  2. What's wrong with her thighs? What a beautiful baby! She says Ezra? Wow!

    1. Oh, I love me some fat baby thighs!!! (And the jelly rolls around her little wrists....) Its not a full E-Z-R-A its more like Ezza. Dog is Dot. But Dada is full on DADA. Can I get a Mama please?!

      Thank you- I think she is awful pretty, but I'm biased.



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