Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iris Evangelene 7 Months

Technically, the first of each month...traditionally shared a few days after. (I do try...really.) Iris turned 7 months on New Year's Day. Look at how big my little girl is.

She still thinks that her toes are one of the most fascinating play-things ever.

She showed me how well she could kick and shuffle throughout our whole "shoot". She also vocally coached me through the entire thing. She is chattering away behind me now in her own little language. Her second language being giggles which she is just as fluent in.

This is her "snorkel" face. All 3 of the kids did it. Jamie did it as a baby, I, apparently did not. They crinkle up their noses and get this very determined, fixated look on their faces and just rapidly breath in and out through their noses. Snorkeling. We say to her, "Don't you snorkel at me..." which of course leads to a massive snorkel fest. Snorkeling. Snorkel Puss. (Snorkel is just one of those words that if you use it enough, it begins to sound like some strange word you have never heard of before, that feels so odd and foreign to say or type, instead of a word that you have said over and over.) Snorkel.

Massive floodgates of drool. Bibs and multiple shirt changes daily.

Seven months. I have packed up yet another set of clothing. All of the 3-6 month old's are too snug. On to labels that read 6-12 month.

I have vowed everyday to shower you with kisses. To tell you how much you are loved. To play with your toes and tickle your tummy- to nuzzle your neck and blow your baby hair away, and breath it all slowly back in. I will continue this as long as you will let me. Hopefully, it will be long after we reach 12-18 month clothing tags.

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