Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun with Flowers

I was asked to teach a little flower arranging workshop last weekend for a bridal shower.

The guest of honor is a bride of mine this spring- so I used the colors of her wedding for a sneak peak- all hot pinks, bright yellow and orange. All those attending received a little flower seminar, some flower arranging tips, some garden snips and a fresh vased bouquet take home with them. (Sweet idea, no?)

I was just so excited that somebody wanted to hear me talk about flowers. (You know I could do it all day long. I tried to keep the talking part brief. Tried.)

I had full intentions of taking little pictures of the girls working on the arrangements- and some of the results- but I got so carried away in the doing, that I forgot about my camera...until it was over. I guess that isn't a bad thing.
Happy weekend!


  1. Love the colors and flower selections.

    Are those yellow garden roses in the last shot?

    xo jane

    1. Yes yes yes!!! They are Toulouse-Lautrec...some of my absolute favorite-ist! Couldn't you just take a bite out of one? (The hot pinkies next to them are garden roses too- Yves Piaget- and smell heavenly of a time gone by.



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