Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Break for a Birthday

Avery turns 3 today. We had a quiet little family party for him on Sunday. Here he is, tearing open his most prized possession of the day- the "Hot Chocolate Car" for his (and Ezra's) train that encircles the base of our Christmas tree. Its from The Polar Express. Avery is in heaven. (Total viewings of Polar Express = too many to keep track of now.) Avery quotes the entire film. He plays all of the parts. Ezra sings the theme song and the other music for him while he plays, just to "keep it real".

It was a Toy Story kind of day. The child has 3 passions- Toy Story, Thomas the Train, and the relentless pursuit of French Fries.

I thought pizza (with a side of fries) from "Pizza Planet" would be appropriate. (I found the Pizza Planet logo online, and then fastened it to our boxes.)

The whole gang turned up to sing happy birthday to Ave. (Thomas and friends are under the table, en route to the North Pole.)

Make big wishes little one.

Strangely enough, everything I wrote about Avery when he turned one still holds true. (Except for the getting clean part- he loves a bath, just not the actual washing part. Getting dirty is way more fun.)
Happy birthday Avery Oliver. Mama loves you.

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