Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wrapped Around

I have wanted to make a monogram wreath since I saw one here a couple of years ago. Here is my big 'ol letter B for the front door. (Go big or go on your front door?) It takes a little time, but I think its worth it.

I used grapevine that was already formed into a circular wreath and hacked it into a piece I thought would be long enough to make a B. Then, I used floral wire and wrapped the poor thing liberally with it. (Use wire on a paddle, do not use pieces.) The wire allows you to manipulate the grapevine into your desired shape. (And if you break it...multiple times- the wire holds it together...just sayin'.)

Then cut small stems of greens (about 3 or 4 inches long) and bundle them together with wire. (You can use small pieces of wire for this part.) I used boxwood and rosemary, but any greens would work. (If you want to make this, or any wreath- indoor life is much much shorter than outdoor- and while I prefer fresh to fake, there are some very pretty non-plasticky looking faux greens that you could use instead, and be mess and house fire worry free.)

Decide which direction you want your greens to go and secure them (with the paddle wire) snugly to the form. Take the next bundle and overlap the tops of the one in hand to the stems of the one already secured- and keep going. (And going, and going and....) Cover the entire vine with your greens.

You can go back in and tuck little pieces into holes if you find that you have any. Hold your shape up and decide where the best place would be to add a wire loop in the back (or 2 wire loops) for hanging. Going through the back of the wreath, thread wire through the vine and twist to create loops. You are ready to hang! (Mine is secured on a screw in the door- I added the ribbon to hide the screw and for just a little more color.)

Deck the halls with boughs of boxwood...fa la la la la.....

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