Monday, December 21, 2009

Ode to Mr. Tubbles

Avery arrived on the coldest possible day in December last year. Even as I type, I can barely believe its been one full year since the day he was born. This little boy tore my world wide open and forced me to love him. I was completely defenseless. Unlike his brother, there was no creeping into my heart- no, with Avery he just grabbed it, and didn't let go.

Everyone is always remarking how different Avery & Ezra are. Rightfully so, who would want two carbon copies of the same little boy? Where is the fun in that?

Here is what I know so far about my little man- he loves to move. Avery really is only happy when he is moving. (I have become the worlds fastest diaper changer because of this...really- its an art.) Even in his sleep, he is in motion. He loves to eat. (Anything- and well, everything.) He is generous- he always shares. (Leo, our dog is always a grateful recipient if its food....)

Avery is tough. He loves to growl. I have been told by more than one passer by that I have a future linebacker on my hands. I have no doubt he will be his older brother's bodyguard. He thinks getting clean is as much fun as getting dirty. The bathtub is the greatest place on earth. (After the dinner table- or before- I'm not sure.)

Avery is wily, crafty and smart. He can get out of any high-chair, grocery cart or car seat if he wants to. ( And yes, I can report this from experience. Oh the looks of horror from other Mommies at Target as my child stands up in the shopping cart after undoing the "child-proof" safety belt....) Avery prefers to be barefoot, no matter the weather.

Avery is fearless. Slides, stairs and sidewalks- no problem.

Avery is happy. He might be the definition for trouble-maker, but the kid is happy. Just looking at him makes me happy. With a nickname like Mr. Tubbles, how could he not? (I swear, we're going to drop the Mr. T soon, I just can't help myself....)

Although at times I wish I could lock myself in the bathroom with a very large bottle of Tequila because Avery ate yet another tribe of dust-bunnies, flung himself off of the top of the table (don't ask) or mastered how to open the baby gate & let himself up the stairs whenever he wants, I wouldn't trade my little man for the world. I don't know how your heart expands to love each child so differently yet just as much, it just does. I am so eternally grateful for you Avery Oliver. Happy first birthday.

Mama loves you. Even when you are coated in your birthday cake and have to have your 2nd bath and 5th clothing change for the day, Mama loves you.

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