Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Something Old Can be New Again

I have been drawing inspiration lately from vintage photos of all kinds. I have always had a soft spot for hats (and vintage weddings are a treasure trove for those!) And in a past life I do believe everything I wore were finds from vintage shops (and thrift shops and the Salvation Army....) But the real treasures in these pictures for me are the flowers. Look at their big big big fantastically big bouquets. Loaded with flowers and pretty greenery- dripping with ribbons- they are a dream from a day gone by.

I love it when brides ask for a big bouquet. (When I got married, my florist thought I was crazy when I told her how big I wanted my bouquet to be, "No! Bigger!")

I mean how many times in your life do you get to walk around with a heap of flowers that were made just for you? (Unless you are a beauty pageant type, then I suppose this doesn't really apply. But for the rest of us....) Even the bridesmaids bouquets are fantastically large.

I guess I should also say, I love looking at the people in these pictures. What was she thinking about? Is she excited? Nervous? Did she really love the man she just said "I do" to? Have they always been sweethearts? Did they just meet? Did her parents arrange the marriage- approve of her beau- dislike him, but admired his position in society?

I hope they were all happy. I hope they were all in love.

I hope they all loved their big beautiful flowery bouquets then- as much as I am now.

Pictures via here. Thank you.

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