Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Do Believe in Faeries!

We took Ezra to see Peter Pan last weekend. Or perhaps I should say Ezra and Jamie took me to see Peter Pan last weekend. At any rate, this was Ezra's first play and I hoped that theater would as profound of an effect on him as it did on me at his age.

I told him after we had found our seats and had been sitting for a while that my favorite part of seeing a show is when the lights first go down, and the noise of the entire theater goes silent, just for a few moments.

Seriously, that has always been my favorite part. Even when I used to work in theater, I would hold the initial dimming of the lights for just a couple of seconds longer than necessary, just so I could enjoy the moment- just a little bit longer. There is something about the din of the theater silencing all at once- all of those people, all of us- who are about to embark on a visual adventure together, holding their tongues and their breath for a moment. For me, there is something powerful and magical in that brief bump in time. In that hugging darkness, possibility hovers around your imagination. Anything could happen. The only thing you can count on , as your eyes adjust to the quiet darkness, are the lights coming back up, slowly- to bring a whole new fantastically temporary world into focus.

I hope Ezra's first experience was magical. I hope he always remembers parts of it. I hope he too always believes in faeries.

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