Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ben & Britt Part III

Oh flowers flowers flowers....I hope you haven't already had your fill, for there are bundles and bundles today! Here is the portal, if you will- to step through and be whisked away with me to a day gone by, a day of flowers, a day filled to the brim with love....Dreamy, no?

The cocktail tables were all set with mushies, growing right out from the cast iron! (Well almost....) Fancy begonia leaves anchor them down, lest they be swept away by rain.

The bar outfitted with L-O-V-E, and an enormous "M" (for McCready, of course) that Jamie jigged out for me out of wood. Then it received a generous wooly coating of moss.

A welcoming place for cards- and for jasmine....

We basically dipped the dessert table in moss, and look what grew up from it all! (I picked a brownie from the bounty, don't tell anyone.)

Then, the centerpieces-

Here are the coffee-stained boxes with their vintage labels. Filled to the brim with garden roses, stock, hypericum, dahlia, hydrangea, Australian fern, and loads of lamb's ear.

Brittany had mentioned that she loved lamb's ear- for the color and the texture, so when I saw these absolutely ENORMOUS ones at the market, (below) I thought they would make a fun mat of sorts for the flowers.

The bride & groom's table, just waiting for them- and their flowers.

Ah, the ubiquitous nest! Hello lovebirds!

He is giving her a peck!

I do (ha ha) hope these two dollies have a lifetime of happiness, and romance, and love. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day.
(I got to preview some delicious professional pictures of the Bride and her flowers, you'll just have to wait to see them!)

Happy weekend!

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