Monday, August 29, 2011

Move Over Britain, The Italians Are Coming! (to Target!)

Oh, my. Ohhhhhhhh my. Target I could absolutely kiss you. You know I am a complete Anglophile, (and my love for all things Liberty!) However, my love for autumn trumps all. What better way to say hello to fall with open arms, than with armloads of yummy sweaters from the Italian fashion house of Missoni! A dear little bird whispered in my ear that the Italian invasion is happening at Target September 13th. Looking at what is in store (get it?) for us, I give it till the 15th before it is all gone. Here is a waaaay abridged version of what is coming. Don't freak out. (Its that good....)

How can you (and when I say you here, I mean I...) decide which pieces should come home with us? There are over 300!
I drooled a little over this one.
That hat needs to be mine.
And this coat.
And this mini...I am in so much trouble.
Not to be left out, there are even outfits for Iris! Too sweet! (And there are items for the men as well, ties-socks-sweaters-yummmy.)
And kids- (and just like the Liberty-wear, if this fits me, I'm taking it.)
Accessories galore- you name it, Missoni has thought of it.

M-I-N-E. I didn't even get pictures of the headbands, bags, scarfs, bobby-pins, make-up kits, binders, boxes, boots...I'm not joking...and its all good. (Candles, carpets, coasters...I could keep going....)
Great pillows....
Cups and saucers....
And what would a major Tar-jhay collection be without a bike?
And these vases...did I mention the trouble I'm in?
September 13th it is then! I'll see you there!
Pictures via here, thank you!

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  1. You are a true child of the 60/70s!! Love the eye you have for fashion and your beautiful children!!



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