Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jealousy...Thy Name is Surprise Balls!

For Ezra's fourth birthday (his dinomite dinosaur fete) I was inspired to make surprise balls- remember? (Here was the inspiration...and here was my result.) I was mostly proud of my dino eggs. Mostly. I wanted them to be beautiful. (Not for the kids, forget them. For me.) They were cute. The kids had fun unraveling them. (You wrap little toys and treats every few feet of crepe paper and wind them into a ball...or in my case an egg- and then the recipients unwrap the surprise treats....) I had shelved my surprise ball feelings of inadequacy until I saw these absolutely delicious ones by artist Anandamayi Arnold. Ohhhhhh, pretty.

I mean come on...could that be any more perfect? Oh wait...there is passion fruit vine-

And the sweeeeetest jack in the pulpits too.

Really? I want one of these. I want to make and then receive one of these. I want the one I make to actually look like these. I want to have the patience to try to make these again.

I really want to see what is inside.
Practice makes perfect. (?!)
Great article about the artist here. Via here, thank you!

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