Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teletummy Tuesday...on Wednesday....

Ooooh, Mama's got a big 'ol belly.

We had a lot of running around to do yesterday- including to the doctor, where one of my midwife's nurses told me jubilantly that tomorrow (now today) was the big day...I said, "What big day?" she replied, "Well your due date, of course." Since September, I have been operating under the assumption that this Saturday, the 28th was my actual due date. Oh. "Really?" "Really." Oh. How did I forget what my due date was?

So unless something major happens in the next 12 hours or so, the baby is officially late. She will fit into the family just fine.

Ezra asked me this morning what would happen if my stomach exploded from being too big. I told him that wouldn't happen. He just came back with a, " Yeah, but what if it did explode...because its really really big...." Hmmm. Could this be our last Teletummy Tuesday? Maybe...maybe...hopefully I don't explode.
One day over, and counting....

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