Friday, May 27, 2011

Tree Peony

I bought my first tree peony at the beginning of the month. I have a few herbaceous peony bushes- (I do lovvve me some peony...) but after having poured over all of my past March gardening issues of Martha Stewart Living- I thought maybe I should give the tree peony a try.

I found a two foot tree that had one plump juicy bud on it- and voila- this week she unfurled all of her lacy petaled petticoat to be the bell at my ball.

I was going to take these pictures the other day- and wish that I had...we had another cold snap here in Chicago. (It was 45 degrees yesterday! I joke you not, 45! You could see your breath on the chill!) So my beauty lost a bit of her coloring- she really is more purple than pink...but still pretty in these pictures despite not having a wrap around her shoulders yesterday.

It has been rumored that this weekend should be balmy once again. I am a delicate flower myself- I prefer the 60's and 70's as far as temperature goes, but I guess the 80's+ is better for the end of May (!) than wondering if putting away your mittens was a bad idea.
Just think, summer is right upon us. I feel warmer from the inside just dreaming about it.

What a better way to welcome her, than with open petals?
Wherever you are...happy weekend! (And if you are in the U.S. happy 3 day weekend!!)

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