Friday, May 20, 2011

Alluring Allium

Right before your eyes, well- right before my eyes- allium start sprouting out of nowhere, reaching up to my height and begin their little dance following the sun with their kooky mop-top heads.

Allium remind me of Dr. Seuss. Or maybe a strange coral that decided it wanted to stretch its sea-legs right out of the ocean and become land-lovers.

Queen of the Night tulips- in the background. I love their darker than dark near blackness.

I haven't planted any of my containers yet- this weekend? Hopefully this weekend... maybe this weekend... definitely this weekend.... Definitely. Hopefully.

The best thing about allium- you can dig them up and divide them every few years. I think I started with six, and now after dividing for the past eight years I have around fifty. Thrifty thinking...for a change. I have scattered them everywhere! (But me, never being satisfied- wants more! More! More! And maybe some different varieties- these are all Allium Giaganteum- I also love Pinball Wizard and Globemaster and well, all of them really....)

The worst thing about allium- their foliage. As they bloom, their leaves brown. I haven't planted my herb bed to cover these yet. Maybe this weekend?....

Happy gardening! Happy weekend!

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