Thursday, March 24, 2011

What the Crap...

It was 67 degrees here in Chicago on Monday. Seriously. 67. It was the 21st of March- what a lovely way to officially welcome spring. I saw robins. Multiple robins. And then I saw these, amidst the unraken- brilliant dollops of purple.

And purple and white.

And blue. Little patches and puddles, soon to be waves of blue. Small shrapnel's of hope at my feet.

Of course here, today, it is barely reaching 40 degrees. It was snowing while I took these pictures in my pajamas this morning. Flurries.

I guess looking on the bright side of things, I'm glad I haven't been too pro-active in my raking- giving my friends a little blanket to snuggle up against while Mother Nature sorts out which day gets what temperature. Typical tease. Warmer weather is coming though, the robin told me so.

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